Fleet Media

Fleet Media

Fleet Media is the new global content distribution service from Inmarsat, which beams the latest movies, television, news and sports to ships at sea via FleetBroadband, XpressLink, Fleet Xpress, FleetBroadband Xtra.

Content is stored on the FleetMedia Playback Server and viewed offline through the Fleet Media App. The subscription based service ensures there are no extra data charges for high usage, whilst improving crew welfare by meeting the ever increasing demand for content from crew. 

For more information on subscriptions and pricing, please contact one of our friendly experts in your region.

  • Latest television programs and blockbuster movies from major studios worldwide beamed to ships
  • Daily and weekly segments of international news and reports from Sky News and Sky Sports
  • Content stored securely on Fleet Media Playback Server box
  • ‘Offline’ viewing on PCs, laptops and tablets
  • Cost effective channel towards improving crew welfare and retention
  • Video optimization features including audio description, subtitles, multiple audio tracks and closed captioning
  • Enhanced Streaming through iOS (Apple Devices), Android and desktop/Laptop Computers
  • Data rights management features including encryption, conditional access and device security
  • Fully secure and closed network is compliant with content licenses and security requirements end-to-end
  • Transferable from FleetBroadband to FleetBroadband Xtra

For more information, please download our Fleet Media product sheet from our Resources page

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