Connected not Stranded - Iridium 9555 Bundle

Connected not Stranded

Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere, and it is important to anticipate risks and plan physical essentials including communications, to stay safe.  Iridium services can provide a critical lifeline during emergencies, with access to a global and reliable network, and the tried and tested Iridium 9555 satellite phone.

Satcom Global is working with a selection of strategically located partners across the Americas to ensure our customers have access to reliable Iridium communciations, ready for quick dispatch, should a disaster occur or be predicted.

Bundle up and Bounce Back

 Satcom Global partners are supporting disaster preparedness with the launch of a new Iridium 9555 and 200 minute prepaid voucher bundle; the ideal bundle to keep you connected when regular comms networks are down.

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