Global Xpress for Enterprise

GX for enterprise

Inmarsat Global Xpress offers seamless high-speed broadband connectivity for users in the world’s remotest regions via uncharacteristically portable terminals. The world’s first global Ka-Band mobile satellite system provided by a single operator boasts proven deployment of critical communications and unparalleled reach of service, for those in the media, energy, aid and development sectors..  

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  • Unlimited high-speed Ka-Band service up to 4mbps MIR and 1mbps CIR
  • CIR performance guaranteed with Service Level Agreement
  • Controlled costs with flexible subscriptions covered on one invoice
  • Access data hungry and real-time applications such as live video and streaming
  • Make crystal-clear phone calls to terrestrial and mobile networks
  • Flyaway, fixed and vehicular terminals available, ranging from portable 60cm options through to fixed site 2.4m options
  • Lightweight portable terminals for easy global deployment and setup.
  • Full redundancy and overlay capacity
  • Global coverage except the extreme Polar Regions

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