Iridium Burst

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Iridium Burst is the first ‘one-to-many’ M2M global data broadcast service, making it possible to transmit data to millions of enabled devices at a time. The new low-latency service can transmit data globally via the robust Iridium network and with transmissions that can even be received indoors.

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  • High powered data transmission
  • Near real-time delivery – often less than 20 seconds
  • Data penetrates buildings, obstructions and weather to reach enabled devices
  • Data format agnostic
  • Stealth mode option – configure as ‘receive-only’
  • Secure - only authorized devices see data received
  • Small and lightweight, yet robust and durable
  • Easy to use
  • One transmission reaches thousands of devices

Sample applications include: 

  • Alert Networks – Warning systems for impending natural disasters or atmospheric events, government announcements.
  • Private Networks – Global corporate communications, outdoor advertising updates, traffic alert systems, M2M applications.
  • Command and Control – Field unit communications, location updates, air marshal briefings.
  • Content Services – News, weather, sports, stocks.
  • Major Transmission – Software updates, differential GPS.

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