Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD)

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Iridium SBD is a simple and efficient network transport capability for transmitting short data messages between equipment and centralized host computer systems. It is an affordable, reliable, 2-way transport between remote terminals connected to field instruments - like sensors or switches, and the central site responsible for monitoring them.

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  • Send Mobile Oriented messages up to 340 characters
  • Send Mobile Terminated messages up to 270 character
  • Easy installation – turn on and point outdoor antenna to sky
  • Auto network registration
  • Accessed via compact transceivers -  9602 and 9603
  • Ideal for monitoring and tracking
  • Low latency – typically less than 1 minute
  • Increases efficiencies in resource planning and logistics
  • Fully global coverage

Sample applications include:

  • Oil and Gas – equipment monitoring
  • Transportation logistics – tracking
  • Maritime – monitoring and tracking
  • Energy and Utilities – equipment monitoring
  • Aero
  • Government and defence
  • University research

For further information, please download our Iridium Short Burst Data product sheet from our Resources page

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