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3rd March 2021

Satcom Global announces VSAT coverage upgrade benefitting customers operating in European and Indian Ocean waters

Please see below for a copy of our latest press release:

Satcom Global is delighted to announce another extension to its Aura VSAT maritime communications network, with the addition of two new satellite beams; Astra 4a Nordic and SES-12 IOR.
The Astra 4a Nordic Ku-band beam, was introduced to the Satcom Global Aura network in December 2020, to support customers operating in European waters. With carriers optimised for the performance of smaller Ku-band terminals, Astra 4a Nordic is not only improving the performance of 60-80cm terminals in the area directly covered by the beam; specifically, the Baltic, Norwegian and Barents Seas, but is providing improved performance across all terminals for Aura VSAT customers throughout Europe.
SES-12 IOR joined the Aura network in February 2021, to augment coverage and capacity across the busy sailing waters of the Indian Ocean, stretching from Eastern Africa and Madagascar, over to the West Coast of Indonesia and up to Southern India. The additional redundancy provided by the beam, is supporting the continuity of high-quality connectivity for customers operating within the region, as the Aura VSAT subscriber base continues to grow apace.
The Aura VSAT network has undergone significant expansion since its launch in 2016, with Satcom Global committed to an ongoing development programme designed to ensure that the Aura communications service meets advancing customer requirements for data at sea, capable of supporting evolving and progressive onboard applications.
These most recent enhancements follow the introduction of the NSS-6 satellite to the Aura network, in November, covering the North Pacific Ocean.
The Astra 4a Nordic and SES-12 IOR beams are operated by SES, as part of the Astra 4a and SES-12 HTS satellites.
If you would like to discuss the benefits of Aura VSAT for your vessel or fleet, please contact us at [email protected]

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Aura Network - Astra 4a Nordic and SES-12 IOR