LT-3100S Iridium GMDSS System

LT-3100S Iridium GMDSS System

The LT-3100S GMDSS system from leading manufacturer Lars Thane, is a compact, multifunctional maritime terminal offering an alternative for GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) emergency communications.

Combining 100% global coverage provided by Iridium’s global satellite network, and IMO and SOLAS approval, it meets all safety standards and certification requirements needed for worldwide maritime satellite communications equipment.

A standalone solution for GMDSS, the LT-3100S can be used alongside all other satellite broadband services such as VSAT, or Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya services.

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  • 100% GMDSS coverage from Iridium (Sea Areas A1 to A4)
  • Distress Alert button and priority Safety Voice service
  • Maritime Safety Imformation (MSI) -  meteorological, navigational and safety related information
  • LRIT service coming in mid-2021 enhancement
  • Additional interface available for SSAS, GMDSS alarm panels, ECDIS and Bridge Alert Management (BAM)
  • Offers standard voice, SMS, SBD, and Modem Data (non-priority) services
  • Robust and reliable hardware designed for the rough environment at sea
  • Easy to install, flexible mounting options and single antenna cable solution
  • User-Friendly Wizard for GMDSS Set-Up
  • High-performance built-in GNSS/GPS receiver for vessel tracking
  • Corresponding Iridium GMDSS Airtime Plans including PAYG and subscription based
  • Antenna
    • Dimensions – 151.1 x Ø149.5 (mm)
    • Weight – 687 (g)
    • Operating Temp - -40°C to +55°C
    • Ingress Protection - IP67
  • Control Unit
    • Dimensions – 224 x 120 x 70 (mm)
    • Weight – 658 (g) 
    • Operating Temp - -15°C to +55°C
    • Ingress Protection - IP32
  • Handset
    • Dimensions -  208.8 x 52.8 x 38.2 (mm)
    • Weight - 290 (g)
    • Operating Temp -  -15°C to +55°C
    • Ingress Protection - IP32

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