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Cyber Security Tools

As maritime users increase their data consumption with the connect anywhere at any time culture, vessel network security is becoming ever more important as ships face a wider threat of cyber-attack and viruses.  In addition, as maritime companies automate more and more processes, security gaps also increase, begging the question, what can be done to mitigate cyber risk?

One of the most important challenges facing the IT teams in maritime industry today is breaches in system security resulting in the loss of sensitive data, precious time and company financial resources.  To help minimise the risks, Satcom Global can recommend the latest best practices and technologies used to reduce the risks of a cyber security breach, including software such as Anti-Virus and Malware to ensure security measures reflect the sophistication of the latest threats.

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Technical cyber security controls:

  • Limit and control use of network ports, protocols and services
  • Configure network devices such as firewalls, routers and switches 
  • Securely configure hardware and software
  • Protect email and web browsers with malware defences
  • Put a system in place for data recovery
  • Control wireless access
  • Work with you satellite commuications provider to ensure communications systems are secure
  • Enable application software security updates and patches
  • Employ the use of firewalls to create safezones for a secure network
  • Physcial security and boundary defences


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