Value added service Halo - Customer Support Centre


Visit Halo, our customer support centre whenever you require technical information or assistance.  Log-in to the portal to register problems with the technical support team and check the status of your query until is it resolved.

Behind the scenes, Halo is assisting the team to manage and prioritise tickets efficiently, ensuring your issue is dealt with as swiftly as possible.

Halo is also the go-to place for technical updates and information. The news section will keep you up to date on things such as firmware advisories and service outages, and our knowledgebase puts a wide range of technical product information at your fingertips.

You can also find our more about our customer support teams covering airtime, billing technical and engineering support here.

  • Dedicated customer support centre for all technical support needs
  • Use Halo to submit your support request or issue, as well as emailing or calling
  • View your ticket details and check on the status of your issue or query
  • Visit the Knowledgebase to access a range of technical documents and manuals for a wide range of satellite communications equipment
  • Access the latest support  and technical product news such as firmware upgrades and outage notices on the dedicated news section

A new ticketing system also ensures:

  • Efficient tracking, prioritisation and management of tickets, meaning that serious issues are flagged and resolved more quickly
  • Intelligent ticket categorisation and analysis of trends to aid the identification of recurring issues, allowing the team to be more proactive in their support
  • Satcom Global staff are equipped with information to provide quick and informed support via access to support history


You can also speak to our customer support teams directly, whenever you need help, wherever you are in the world.

For Technical Support please email: [email protected] 

For Airtime Customer Services please email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Or call via:

UK:   +44 (0) 191 258 8649
US:   + (1) 877 223 5075
Asia: + 66 (0) 2251 4222